Monday, December 13, 2010

Jordan's Food Sensitivity List

I've kept a list of things Jordan is sensitive to, for reference, because I get so used to what he can't have, when someone asks I always forget to mention a few things. And, if we're going to someone's house for dinner, or if we're visiting our parents and they're cooking, that can cause a problem. It's been so long since going to someone else's place for dinner that I hadn't looked at my list in a really long time, probably a year or so. But, we've been invited for dinner Friday night (we'll see they keep the invitation extended once they see Jordan's list of foods to avoid, if not, they're welcome here at our place and I'll cook). I pulled out my list to email Jordan's foods to avoid list and, many of the things he's not sensitive to anymore! His body continues to heal!!! Here is Jordan's List (AFTER he went through months of allergy elimination treatments, which is really minor considering when we started the treatments he was allergic to ALL food except sweet potatos):

Dairy (all forms or derivatives of animal milk, except ghee)

I haven't tried giving him any of the remaining 6 items on this list, so he very well may have healed from some of them. I'm relatively sure that gluten and dairy are still issues, but maybe someday...

The body is amazing, God created it to heal itself, given adequate nutrients, cleansing and rest.

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  1. Great info, thanks for sharing. My daughter is not considered autistic, but she does have breathing, mood and sensory issues, and I came to realize they were related to her gut health and toxicity. We are slowly working out way to health as well. It's amazing to realize it affects the whole family. How encouraging to see your son's healing through your hard work and effort. God is good!

    I was wondering if you had ever heard of the GAPS diet. It's based on work and a book written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. It's very similar to Body Ecology by Donna Gates, but with some different details. I esp love the use of copious amounts of bone broth. As that is so healing to the gut lining and provides easily soluble nutrients to the body. We have been slowly working our way to doing the actual protocol, and seen a lot of healing along the way.