Nutrition is the foundation for health. Without nutrients, our bodies do not have what it needs to function properly, will degenerate, and be more susceptible to illness.

Food is fuel and nourishment for the body. That is it's purpose. Enjoyment is not the main purpose of food. It is a purpose, just not the main one. Healthy food can actually taste very good, but it might take some adjusting to eat a bowl of berries instead of a bowl of ice cream! Healthy is also different than what the media and the American Heart Association will tell you. It is not the food pyramid. Very healthy things to eat: fruit, vegetables, grass fed organic meats and eggs, organic butter or ghee, soaked or sprouted: nuts, seeds, and whole grains like brown rice or quinoa.

Some Quick Tips:

Food Ingredients. If you can't read it, don't eat it! It should read like a recipe, not like a chemical index.

Eat Whole Foods. Foods as close to how God made them as possible. A good general rule is to shop the perimeter of the store. Nearly all of the food in the middle of the store is processed and has added sugars, salts, excitotoxins and chemicals. There are some exceptions such as rice, beans, and frozen vegetables.

Enzymes. If your food is not raw. Then you should take enzymes to help break it down so your body can best utilize what you are eating.

Organic and Non GMO. If you can, eat organic and not genetically modified. Not only do organic foods not have the pesticides on them, they have more nutrients in them than their non-organic counterparts. Be aware that being organic does not make it healthy - there are plenty of processed organic foods that are not healthy. The most important things to get organic are things at the top of the food chain such as meat, milk products, and eggs; foods commonly genetically modified; and oils (because toxins are stored in fat, and oils are fat).

Genetically modified foods have been altered at the genetic level, we have no idea what the long term safety is of these foods. Coincidentally, the most common genetically modified foods are also in the top 8 most allergenic foods. Foods commonly genetically modified (unless it's organic) are soy, corn, and wheat.

Drink Pure Water. Avoid soda. It's full of chemicals, excitotoxins, sugar, and artificial sweeteners which are worse than actual sugar, and depletes the body of nutrients. Avoid caffeine. Water that has been filtered and purified is best. City water has chlorine and often fluoride added to it, which can have dire health consequenses over the long-term. Well water can have pesticides, pharmaceuticals, metals, and a host of other things that disrupt proper body function.

Fermented/Cultured Foods. Things like kefir, homemade yogurt, kombucha, homemade sauerkraut, and cultured vegetables.