Monday, December 20, 2010

What Natural Body Care Products Do I Use?

I've had a few questions lately about what I use and where I get it.  Some things I'm particular about, because I've tried several products that don't work; and for some things, I buy whatever I can get for a good deal. Products you've never heard of can be difficult to find, not knowing what it looks like, so here are some pictures. In parenthesis after the description is where I get it, it may be available other locations too).
 Burt's Bees - I use the shampoo and wash (tear-free) for the boys and love it. It has a great scent I love too (although, as boys, they may not love it when the get older). But for now, I'll enjoy! (Kroger, Walgreens, and other places)

California Baby Bubble Bath - we use for bubble bath as an occasional treat, particularly when one of them has a cold, as essential oil of eucalyptus can help break up stuffiness and congestion. You could just buy the essential oil and add it to the bath if you want it for that purpose, no fun bubbles though! (Target)

Dr. Bronner's Soap (purple one in the middle) - this one is scented with lavender. I LOVE this for my own body wash and for shaving. I use one of those bath puffs to get it foamy for shaving. Compared to other natural soaps, it's cheap and a little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time. In a regular liquid soap pump, it clogs. As of this week I'm trying putting it in a container with a foaming pump, we'll see how long that works, so far so good. (Kroger or health food store)

XyliBrite Toothpaste - This is by Nature's Sunshine (which I'm a member of to get all my herbs at wholesale prices) and I love this too. It leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and clean, no fluoride! I've tried several bad and expensive toothpastes, this is great and for a reasonable price. (Nature's Sunshine)

Jason Tea Tree Deodorant - I keep trying different kinds and this happens to be what I'm trying right now. I don't use it often, but when summer hits in Texas, I do like to have something - and something I can count on. And with this one, I may have found a winner. Of all of them I've tried so far, this one is working very well for me. (Kroger, health food store)

For my husband's deodorant, we made some out of baking soda, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil and have found it extremely effective.

All Natural Bar Soaps - I've used these in our bathrooms instead of liquid soap for the last few years. It smells wonderful and lasts a long time. I'm not picky, I don't think I've bought the same type twice, there are just so many wonderful choices and scents. (Kroger, health food store, farmer's markets)

Silver Shield Cosmetic Gel -  This is also by Nature's Sunshine. I use this for my face when I'm getting a breakout or in between (when I remember) to prevent it. (Nature's Sunshine)

Sheer Naturals Make-up - I love this line. It's made by Carrie and is all natural minerals ONLY, no fillers, chemicals, dyes, or preservatives! Make up has always made me break out and this line doesn't and the colors look very natural on me. Carrie is great to work with and can help with color selection, even offering samples to find what works best for you! It is more expensive than most make up, but it lasts a long time and isn't going to end up contributing to my medical bills or disrupting my hormones like most make up eventually will. (online, link above)

In my next post, I'll share my cleaning products with you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jordan's Food Sensitivity List

I've kept a list of things Jordan is sensitive to, for reference, because I get so used to what he can't have, when someone asks I always forget to mention a few things. And, if we're going to someone's house for dinner, or if we're visiting our parents and they're cooking, that can cause a problem. It's been so long since going to someone else's place for dinner that I hadn't looked at my list in a really long time, probably a year or so. But, we've been invited for dinner Friday night (we'll see they keep the invitation extended once they see Jordan's list of foods to avoid, if not, they're welcome here at our place and I'll cook). I pulled out my list to email Jordan's foods to avoid list and, many of the things he's not sensitive to anymore! His body continues to heal!!! Here is Jordan's List (AFTER he went through months of allergy elimination treatments, which is really minor considering when we started the treatments he was allergic to ALL food except sweet potatos):

Dairy (all forms or derivatives of animal milk, except ghee)

I haven't tried giving him any of the remaining 6 items on this list, so he very well may have healed from some of them. I'm relatively sure that gluten and dairy are still issues, but maybe someday...

The body is amazing, God created it to heal itself, given adequate nutrients, cleansing and rest.