Monday, March 16, 2009

"I Love You" - God

A great “little” God-thing from this week I’d like to share. There is a kitchen appliance called a Vita-mix. It is a high speed blender that can break open the cell wall of foods, releasing their nutrition, can make nut butters, grind rice into flour, etc. With Jordan’s special diet needs, it would be SO helpful in my kitchen, save time and money and be able to make foods that have greater nutrition in them (IF I can just get Jordan to eat them…hmmm). I researched them, checked them out on e-bay, dreamed for awhile and gave up on it as WAY to expensive. But as I gave up on it, in an off-handed way prayed, “Well, God, if you want me to have one, you’ll just have to give it to me somehow” (or something like that). 

Fast forward a month or two. In-laws visit. mom sees the process I go through in order to make some of Jordan’s food. Conversations about better ways to do it take place. She goes home and comments to a friend that I could really use a Vita-mix. Friend had a conversation with a neighbor the week before about how neighbor got a Vita-mix and only has used it a few times. Friend said “If you ever want to get rid of it let me know I’ll buy it off of you”. Neighbor said, “I could really use the money”. MIL makes the above comment to friend about how I could really use a V-M. Friend thinks “Hmmm…I have one in my garage, THAT’s why that conversation with neighbor took place”. Friend puts it in the mail insured for $500.  It should arrive Wednesday!!!! A little thing to God…huge to me, it’s not just the convenience of an appliance; it’s a message of God’s love and care for ME in the midst of unknowns.

UPDATE - It arrived and not only is it a Vita-Mix, it's a RED Vita-Mix (my favorite), with an extra wet canister AND a dry canister - JACKPOT!!!

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